Framaroot App Features and Guide For Using

Many people looks to root their Android device sometimes and they find it very difficult. So the Framaroot app has been introduced so that you can root your Android easily. It is one of the oldest app offering the feature to reboot your device.  

Framaroot apk is an application which can be used to root your Android with one click. You do not need your computer to complete the rooting process. You can do it within your Android phone or tablet. The application developed by “Alephzain”, XDA user installs SU binary and Superuser to perform its rooting function.

The Android do not allows you to “root” your device by default

It is very easy to use the app. All you need to do is download it and install in your Android device or tablet. Then open it and start rooting the device with simple few steps.

Followings are some of the features available in Framaroot app:-

Root you Android device without computer

Many of the rooting methods requires the involvement of the computer device. Some users do not like these process. The Framaroot app is very suitable for them as it do not need computer to root.

Rooting application with single click

In many other rooting ways, you have to do go through many steps to complete rooting your device successfully. But in this app, you don’t have to do much. You can root the device with one click. The different exploits like Boromir, Aragorn, Farahir, Barahir, Pippin and Frodo is given in the app. You can root your device by with one click on the available exploits.

Simple to install the SuperSu

Android devices need the application called SuperSu to get a permission to different apps requiring root permissions in the rooted device. In other rooting process, the users need to install the SuperSU manually. It can be difficult process sometimes. However, in this app you do not need to install SuperSU manually as it is installed automatically.

Simple and quick unroot steps

Sometime you might wish to unroot your device for various reasons. The app also helps for this function. For this, you will need to open the app and then click on the dropdown menu and choose the option – Unroot. Then you will be provided with different exploits that will help you unrooting your Android.


. The following is the steps listed for installing and rooting your Android device with Framaroot:-

  1. First of all download the app online.
  2. After downloading it successfully, open the app and choose “Install Superuser”.
  3. Now choose the exploits listed in the app.
  4. If you are able to view the message – “Success…Superuser and su binary installed” then you can begin with the rebooting process.
  5. Complete the process to reboot your device.

Note: The Android do not allows you to “root” your device by default. Rooting the device can void your device’s warranty and also some of your device apps might not be able to function properly after rooting.

How to download Aptoide app for free?

Aptoide app is the application that you can use to download the different apps from the internet for free. Aptoide market is very popular among the Android users and it is referred to be the best market for apps and games. It is considered to be the biggest and one of the best Android market containing the millions of games and apps.


They can be downloaded for free of cost. By using the app, you can easily browse or search fpr the new games and software throughout the various stores in internet and you can download the “apk” file of the Apps or games that you are interested to. You will find the App store classified into the different categories so that it helps you to download the android apps in the simple way.

You can get the Aptoide app for your Android for free of cost. Here we provide you the simple guidelines so that you can easily have aptoide download in your Android for free:-

  1. First of all open any of the web browser in your Android.
  2. Then open the “Google Search” in your browser.
  3. Now type “Aptoide download” in the Google search bar. And then start searching.
  4. You will see the different download sites for the Aptoide as the result of your search. You can download it from any of the available search. You need to try away from the fake sites. For your information, you can visit the site of “Softonic” which is one of the best site for downloads. Hence click on the link of Softonic for the Android Aptoide for free download.
  5. As the page loads on your screen, click on the “Aptoide” and then go to “Download Free”.
  6. Now press “Continue to install” and then Press “Install Now”.
  7. Now, the application file will start to download in your device. Once the file is downloaded in your device, it will ask you whether “Cancel” or “Install” the file. Press the “Install” button.

(Note: you will first need to allow your device to install the apps from the “unknown sources” to install it)

After completely installing the Aptoide in your Android you will be able to enjoy the following Key features of Aptoide:-

  1. Aptoide comes with the Free App store. It means you can download any applications whether games or software or apps for free from the internet. You can use it at any time from any place around the world after connecting your device to the internet.
  2. It offers the effective Search features. You can easily search and find the apps you are looking for by using this amazing app store. The search can be done within the default store as well as other stores.
  3. You are provided with the notification alerts once updates for any apps or games in your mobile phones are available.
  4. Aptoide comes with the private store where you can upload your games or apps by using the Aptoide Uploader.

Likewise, it offers many other services. You just need to install it in your device and start downloading your favorite apps easily. It also offers the feature which helps you manage your downloads.

The rise of WhatsApp Plus and you install it?

While it seems like a paid version of the official application and extremely well-liked WhatsApp chat service, subsequent to finding about a bit we have got that the situation surrounding this application are a bit doubtful.

What does WhatsApp Plus look like?

Initially, the app looks to be an obvious copy of the official WhatsApp. The only changes being the WhatsApp sign which is currently blue in this app. This is a vast way for getting public to think that WhatsApp Plus is an alternative of the official WhatsApp. When this infringes some copyrights or not is mysterious.

Who offer WhatsApp Plus & where can it is found?

WhatsApp Plus is not accessible on the genuine Google Play store & we don’t consider it will be accessible there anytime rapidly either. As per our info, the only place it could be found as of currently is over the web on its own committed website. It might be accessible over several third-party application repositories, but downloading some applications from such resource is not suggested.

Actually, this great application was made by a Spanish developer recognized as Rafalete in 2012. WhatsApp Plus is free to set up and it looks to carry the similar user license as WhatsApp too.

Correction: As has been bring to our notice, the name of the creator of WhatsApp is Rafalanse. We had wrongly believed his name was Rafalete.

How is WhatsApp Plus special from WhatsApp?

Now let’s see the dissimilarity between these two apps and why somebody would be liable to install WhatsApp Plus in the primary place. Users of this app can benefit from some exclusive visual themes which are not accessible for the normal WhatsApp version. Actually, there are over 700 different themes & skins that can be installed for customization. Furthermore, there are tons of novel smileys and emoticons accessible for WhatsApp Plus users as well.

Is Whatsapp Plus safe for use?

The authorized Whatsapp version claims no message data is store up on servers and erase after the messages are send. What plan does Whatsapp Plus use? Is it as secure as the regular Whatsapp when sharing individual pictures?

Conclusion: you can utilize Whatsapp PLUS later than running Anti-virus scan and by downloading from genuine blogs.

However, if you are planning to use it on Windows in an emulator, you need to know that you might encounter an error called IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on your PC. Just a heads up.

Other Settings and look

Additional than the skin menu, the WhatsApp+ has 6 list of options that let you edit the setting and look. Several of the changes that you can make comprise the following;

  • The color, headers or volume of the chat icons/images.
  • The header &/or size of the images of your contacts.
  • The size and look of your pop-up alert.
  • The color & size of the widgets.
  • The launcher icon’s color


The WhatsApp Plus is predictable to have a generally better performance, match up to the WhatsApp. But it will function completely if you and your contacts all have the WhatsApp. Several functions might not work professionally with the WhatsApp. There could be a prospect of having voice calls, or other safety functions, which might be included on the WhatsApp+.


With the increase in usage the number of errors has also increased with leads to irritation when it occurs at the wrong time. There can be any reason for this type of error and you can fix them on your own as well rather than asking someone to do it for you.


There are numbers of ways of doing this. They are:

  • Renew the DNS: Mostly the errors occur because of the DNS cache so try renewing it so that you can get rid of it in minutes. You can use command window to do it and many commands are easily available on net. So, you can go with the one which looks best to you and as soon as you delete the previous DNS register a new DNS from the same window and your computer will be all set to go.
  • If the above method does not work for you then you can try changing the DNS address manually. At times the specified commands does not work for you and for that you can either look for any other command which can help you in deleting the already existed DNS and creating a new but if no command works for you then try changing it on your own. Go to the DNS address dialog box and create a new one.
  • Sometimes the problem occur because of the continuous use of the router and to do this unplug the router and keep it like that for some time and then reconnect it, by doing this the router gets a chance to reboot itself and then it works the same way it was doing earlier. This problem mainly occurs with those routers that works non-stop.

  • Firewall settings: This is also one of the common reason why people face difficulty in connecting to the network and it is because your pc’s firewall settings does not allow that code to pass because of which it gets blocked somewhere in between. This can be solved by checking your firewall setting and see if any update id blocking it to process.

These are some of the basic reasons why you face the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error with the name and they can be easily resolved on your own because they occur very often and you can’t rush to any expert to do it for you. As it is not a big deal to handle so you can do it on your own and help yourself at the time of need. If you do not have any knowledge about how to solve this kind of problem then you can refer internet because it is better to depend on oneself rather than others.

On web you can get detailed and step by step knowledge of it which will help you in knowing it in a much better way so that if at all in future you face this kind of problem then you can solve it in minutes rather than looking for someone to help you with that.

How To Fix The User Profile Service Failed The Logon

When you work with the computer on daily basis then this can be a common problem for you because as much as you put your pc at work the chances are high for it to temporarily disable the temporary profiles.


User profile service failed the logon is the error which occurs with the temporary profiles you have on the system. Before starting with any process restart your computer because at times because of the running of anti-virus in the background all other functions get temporary out of service which results in problems in user profile logon. If this works for you then well and good and if not then follow the following steps:

Try to log on to the Windows by using another account which is known as administrative account. It is very rare that admin account faces this kind problem of its priority is highest so you can access your computer anytime with the help of admin account.

If the restart of your computer does not work for you then you can go for the alternative ways.To have the access to the other ways you have to first enter into the computer and for that you can take the help of admin account. Now you must be thinking if the personalised account is showing error then how will the admin account will open?

As the admin account is built in so it is given the higher priority than the other temporary profiles you make and because of which it is difficult for admin account to stop working but if at all this happens then do not try to do anything on your own without having any information because you may end up creating more problems to your computer.

But if you get the access into your computer then you can deal with it on your own. If you have a good knowledge about the regedit sub key and all then you can proceed but if not then you can easily get the information from web.

If you do not have any information then does not proceed without the guidelines of ay expert because your actions may cause damage to the temporary profile documents. There are so many experts and geeks who keep on sharing their reviews and keep helping others in their problems. For example, the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b is also a very frustrating error.

So, you can easily find your remedy there and if not then you can post your problem as a question and within couple of hour experts or the people who has some knowledge about how to deal with them will help you by answering your problem. As the user profile failed log on is the most common problem which anyone can face so its solution is given by Microsoft also. So, you can go with its method because if Microsoft is helping you then you may not need the help from others, as the information given is very detailed and explanatory so you will not find difficulty in understanding.